Arteficius launches its first interior design project at The Broadway in London Westminster

Arteficius: The Broadway Residence with Northacre

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The Broadway Residence with Northacre

Arteficius launches its first interior design project at The Broadway

Arteficius  has been commissioned by premium developer Northacre to create a residential apartment within The Broadway, a mixed-use complex in the heart of Westminster London, designed by Squire & Partners.

Arteficius is a pioneering new brand, borne from the transformative journey of multi-disciplinary practice Matter of Stuff. Under the expert guidance of Simona Auteri, Arteficius has elevated the art of curating exquisite interiors.
Every space within the residence is carefully considered and perfectly aligns with Northacre’s vision: creating a sanctuary of elegance and refinement within the bustling city centre underpinned by an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and quality.
From procuring the perfect design pieces to arranging inspiring art, the Arteficius designed residence reverberates with a unique personality and style; every element has been deliberately chosen from the furniture, lighting and accessories to the finishes, textures and colours to convey an ethereal sense of luxury.

“The concept behind The Broadway’s Arteficius Residence is to introduce a sense of wonder to the idea of luxury whilst reaffirming our view of what design should be. Quality and craftsmanship are not a luxury, they are the very ethics of design. For us, luxury is creating intangible moments of discovery through design while capturing the distinct feeling of home.”


Simona Auteri, founder of Arteficius

Simona Auteri, founder of Arteficius, comments: “The site-specific constraints of the project became the source of inspiration, making The Broadway’s Arteficius Residence unique in its colours, textures, shapes and forms.”
Highlighting Simona’s expertise in Italian design, manufacturing and artisanal craftsmanship, The Broadway’s Arteficius Residence shines a light on labels and designers including Hessentia by Cornelio Cappellini, Catellani& Smith, Venini, Bolzan, Matter of Stuff Editions, Benedetto Fasciana, Zanetto.
About Northacre

With over 35 years of experience, Northacre is London’s leading developer of exquisite residences in the most soughtafter locations. Northacre distinguishes itself through an intrinsic understanding of quality, where passionate attention to detail is combined with an appreciation for craftsmanship, heritage, and innovation. Northacre has been responsible for the notable developments of The Lancasters, The Phillimores, Kings Chelsea, and The Bromptons, to name but a few. The schemes remain landmark locations within London.

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