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Switch Restaurant

Beautiful Destinations

Switch Restaurant Dubai by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid design for Switch, an oasis free from chaos

Karim Rashid concept for Switch was to create a strong, symmetrical vision composed of a continuous, undulating wall that wraps around the space.
The design creates an interesting texture for light and shadow, evoking the sand dunes in the desert. It is a unique environment of symmetry and balance that completely envelops the guests. Every experience is composed of views, smells, tastes and sounds; here, the senses create individual backgrounds for a truly amazing global dining experience. The backlit ceiling artwork consists of stylized inspirational Arabic phrases.
The continuous wave seating provides an efficient and dynamic operating system.
The undulating panels and strong use of glass and chrome give Switch a high gloss, slick feel. The shiny surfaces are broken up by digipop patterns, scrolling text and the satiny banquettes and lounge seating. The color scheme had to be somewhat minimal to reflect the changing color walls.
Throughout the day the restaurant goes from pink to purple to blue, green yellow and red. Accent touches of purple and pink are in the furniture and digital artwork. Switch is a technorganic place, a sensual minimal space that evokes pleasurable dining.
DESIGN:  Karim Rashid

ARCHITECT:  Camila Tariki, Kamala Hutauruk, Karim Rashid Inc.


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