Decorative Mirror Designs

Mirror Designs That Can Make Your Home


Mirror Designs That Can Make Your Home

Get rid of the drab feelings on a bare wall with a mirror of any size; large, small, hanging or fitting to a whole wall; a mirror can help brighten up your space as fast as snapping your fingers. With mixing metals and mirrors of various colours and finishes tie all the pieces of your home together with a touch of elegance and exclusivity by choosing one of our decorative mirrors.

Simple and Elegant

Let's start simple, with simple itself. If you're looking for a mirror that may reflect your styling needs to decorate your home with minimalist and elegant pieces;  the "Revolution" range of modern mirrors to hang in your living room by Edizione Limitata might be what you've been looking for.  
Revolution Wall Mirror - Edizione Limitata
Handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen, the peaceful harmony created between the brushed brass which hold the rounded mirror within it makes this mirror both a piece of art, as well as a great way to highlight your space. These mirrors can be mounted at any angle to your liking, and arranged however you wish. With decorative pieces it's always important that you feel the creative freedom to decide how to embellish your space and this collection gives you the reins to do so.    
Continuing the theme of simplicity and elegance, the "Silhouette" Collection by Fredericia is a series of mirrors framed in solid wood. Highlighting craftsmanship and unadorning the mirror, to purely reflect you and your space.    
Silhouette Circle - Fredericia
Focussing mainly on the intricate craftsmanship and materials; highlighting the beauty of simplicity and basic shapes. These timeless and contemporary pieces help make your home a place of comfort and joy, and enhance the wonders of a space by being a simple yet stunning centrepiece in any room. 
Now to bring a bit more colour to the cimplicity, Giovanni Botticelli's "Him" and "Her" mirrors add a fun yet elegant touch of love around a home.    
Him and Her - Giovanni Botticelli
Perhaps reflecting partners or representing loved ones, the collection shows juxtaposes coloured matte and coloured reflective glass in stylized lines of male and female faces to leave a sign of our presence on the wall or lend the “personal reflection” to anyone who stops in front of them.


Moving into mirrors that not only can reflect your good looks, but also your colourful and bright style.  Zietas' collections of mirrors "Tafla" comes in 4 series: Tafla O, Tafla C, Tafla Q and Tafla IQ.   
Tafla O - Zieta
Tafla C - Zieta
Coming in shapes such as: OKO, RONDO, TAFLA and SONAR, they are pieces of art; modelled from stainless steel and polished till they shine, these decorative reflections will help enlarge your space and be arranged in a multitude of combinations on your walls. The use of FiDU technology, where the stainless steel is filled with air to give these organic shapes allow for you to feel as if a fresh breath of air was blown into your space when any form of these mirrors hangs to grace your space.
Following the theme of air and bubbles, Atelier Simone Crestanis'' "Bubble Mirror" carefully cut by hand, explores the dichotomy between object and reflection.  
Bubble Mirror - Atelier Simone Crestani
Adorned with delicate bubbles of silvered glass with the traditional Venetian techniques that play between reality and reflection. It's an addition that brings both functionality and form together harmoniously. Creating a beautiful decorative piece to bring into your home.
"Mirrored" by Arteficius were developed and produced during the Designer Residency program led by Arteficius in Moltacino.      
Mirrored - Matter of Stuff
Reflective objects were constructed out of different types of metal that were layered together to create an organic feel. Highly polished steel or copper gives high reflectivity to the last layer, creating a mirror effect. The organic and natural shapes blend together and help amplify your contemporary home.
The "O'Mirror" by Laloul is an elegant and intricate piece of art.          
O'Mirror - Laloul
Handcrafted highly polished brass disks suspended on a graceful brass chain. Hanging this decorative mirror will not only bring a focus point to your home, but adds a charmful touch of play and beauty as well. 
What about mirror and light? Don't those two concepts go together? Yes in fact they do. The Ice and Light Lamp Mirror by Dal Furlo is a delightful portrayal of nature and balance.     
Ice and Light Lamp Mirror - Dal Furlo
Winter nights envelop the landscape in the ice until the light returns. The dawn arrives with its sun that brings warm and golden rays to the earth melting the night cold. The ice of the small pools of water melts reflecting the golden-coloured rays of the morning creating rippled mirrors full of golden light.
Now of course the standard mirror and finishes can come in an array of metals and glasses, but this range of decorative mirrors by Blackcork meld mirror and cork as one.     
Exo Mirror Square - Blackcork
Sustainability is always at the forefront of our beliefs. Technology, developed by Sofalca, consists of injecting water vapour through the cork pallets that will expand and agglutinate with the resins of the cork itself. Completely sustainable and not using additives or "unhealthy" glues. As a super-material, cork offers so many advantages, in addition to its excellent thermic, acoustic insulation and anti vibration characteristic, it is also a CO2 sink playing a key-role in the environment. In terms of decorating your home its natural darkness contrasting with the light of the mirror can create a beautiful piece of art, as well as a wonderful talking point. But all the mechanical properties of cork improve you quality of life to a high degree. It adds a 2-in-1 value to an already beautiful design point in your home.  These mirrors can be adorned on walls or even act as small dressing room mirrors to check your reflection before going out for the day. 

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