For Architects

Let us procure sustainable and eco-friendly furniture and lighting for every type of interior design project – from residential and hospitality to workplace spaces.
Our team of experts will support you at all stages, from creating moodboards and product research to installation on site.

Ffe procurement - Sustainable Materials Library

Sustainable Furniture and Finishes

Discover and specify our environmentally friendly range of furniture and finishes, from micelium lighting and cork tables to low VOC paints and sustainable wallpapers.

Sustainable Furniture
For architects - Research & Design


Discover the finishes and techniques from our craftsmen, artisans and makers that inspire creativity.
From handmade ceramics to cutting-edge technology, be inspired by new and traditional materials, and latest trends in design and manufacturing.

For hospitality - Bespoke Orders


If you cannot find an existing product that matches your specifications, please send us your requirement and we can make it custom.

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